It’s a new year and time for everyone to focus on their health. That includes our pets too. Now is the perfect time to make those Veterinary appointments for your best friends. Sunnex Lights supports a number of lighting products that benefit the Veterinary market.

Did You Know?


  1. Studies show that pet owners over the age of 65 make 30% fewer visits to the doctor than seniors without pets.
  2. Over 75% of pet owners buy holiday presents for their pets.
  3. A study found that lost dogs are 2 1/2 times (and lost cats are 20 times) more likely to get home when they have a microchip.
  4. 70% of pet owners sign their pet’s name on greeting cards. Are you one of them?
  5. 58% of owners include their pets in holiday and family portraits.


  1. When your cat headbutts, sits near you, or shows you their stomach, it’s their way of saying “I love you.”
  2. Sensitivity to catnip is genetic, and only about 50% of cats experience its effects.
  3. When cats knock things over, they usually want attention.
  4. Adult cats rarely meow to communicate with each other. Kittens will meow at their mothers, but once they’re grown, cats mostly only meow at humans.
  5. Spaying or neutering your cat can help them live longer. Spayed females live 39% longer and neutered males live 62% longer than cats who haven’t had the procedure.
  6. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t feed your cat a saucer of milk or any dairy products. While they may love the taste, most cats are lactose intolerant.


  1. 72% of dog owners believe their pup can predict an incoming storm.
  2. Petting a dog lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.
  3. Grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, wild mushrooms, chocolate, and macadamia nuts are extremely toxic to dogs.
  4. Dogs can be trained to detect some types of cancers in humans.
  5. A study found that dogs would rather be petted than receive verbal praise.
  6. Dogs probably don’t feel guilt. Those puppy dog eyes they’re giving you are likely a reaction to your behavior.
  7. Dogs are the only species that look to where humans are pointing with their eyes or fingers.

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Sunnex Veterinary Lighting Options:

  1. Celestial Star LED – Ideal for surgical applications. Contains a flexible design allowing for easy angling and positioning, as well as, a space-saving structure.
Celestial Star - Veterinary Lights

2. Tri-Star LED – Ideal for examination lighting and minor surgical lighting needs when space is limited. Offers a cool bring light.

Tri-Star - Veterinary Lights

3. Leo Minor LED – Features an optical solution that produces a uniform and homogenous light pattern with excellent shadow dilution and control. Contains daylight-like color rendering and color temperature meeting or exceeding IEC requirements.

Leo Minor - Veterinary Lights

4. PF Series – Ideal for areas where high intensity examination light is needed.

PF Series

5. Solo Spot LED – Ideal for applications where a focused, spot light with an intensity up to 4000 foot candles of illumination is required. Offers cool light and a focused, intense spot.

Solo Spot

Sunnex Lights hopes you and your family had a safe and happy Holiday season.  Click to learn more about our Medical and/or Task lighting products.

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