Happy March!!  Spring officially begins this month and Spring Cleaning should be on everyone’s mind.

Sunnex Lighting wants to encourage you to check your lighting equipment and make sure everything is functioning properly.  Are your casters working properly?  Are your counterweights functioning? Is your head lamp fixed in a comfortable position?  Let us know if you need new Lighting equipment.

6 Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning:

  • Clean Room-By-Room.
  • Organize and Clear the Clutter.
  • Get Others Involved.
  • Keep Cleaning Products to a Minimum.
  • Establish New Cleaning Habits.
(steps provided by: https://www.thespruce.com/spring-cleaning-a-complete-checklist-1900106)

Sunnex Lights wants you to properly tackle your Spring Cleaning this month.  Click to learn more about our Medical and/or Task lighting products.

Contact us at Info@Sunnex.com to find out what discount we are offering for March/April.  Tell us you read our “March – Spring Has Sprung” Blog Post for more details.  Don’t miss out on this deal…code expires on 4/1!!

Task Lighting Options:

  1. LED Task Lighting  (LS Series, SL 1, SL 3, SL 6, SL 9, Lumius)
  2. Halogen Task Lighting  (HM Series, HS Series, and HF Series)
  3. Magnifier Lamp  (RLM Series)
  4. Custom Lighting  (IP 65, Marine Lighting, Map Lighting, and Vehicle Lighting)

Share a photo of your favorite room to clean this Spring to be entered into a raffle to win a $25 Visa gift card.

  • Email: Info@Sunnex.com
  • Subject Line: March – Spring Has Sprung Blog Post