The Sunnex Lighting team is adding another tradeshow to our plate….the Mountain Veterinary Conference in Cherokee, NC.  The following link can be used for registration:

Our team would love to schedule time with you in our booth during the Mountain Veterinary Conference (April 7th – 9th).  Reply back to if interested in scheduling booth time during this show to discuss your Lighting needs.

Why attend Mountain Veterinary Conference 2019?

The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board now requires 2 hours of CE on controlled substance abuse in the 2019 calendar year for 2020 license renewals for all veterinarians and technicians.  Joseph Jordan, PhD, CEO, NC Physicians Health Program, NC Veterinary Health Program will provide a 2 hour CE session on “Recognizing and Dealing with Substance Abuse in the Workplace” on Wednesday, April 10 at the Mountain Veterinary Conference.” – Mountain Veterinary Conference website

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