Mark S. Nemeth, an RV blogger has a referral for Sunnex Lights in his February blog which can be found HERE.

You can view the following referral under the “Lighting” header.

“Most RVs use simple incandescent light fixtures. These work fairly well, but draw quite a bit of current per bulb. The most common bulbs used are 1073 or 1141 automotive bulbs and they draw about 1.5 amps apiece. Many RVs can benefit from the installation of additional lighting, to help brighten up dark areas or illuminate work areas. In some cases, the existing light fixtures can be moved around or exchanged to provide lighting that better suits your needs. Incandescent fixtures are inexpensive and can be found in any RV supply store or catalog. Although they are inexpensive, when adding new lighting, it is worthwhile to consider alternatives to those standard incandescent fixtures. 

Fluorescent lights are excellent for producing large amounts of light for less current. Sunray and Thinlite both make high quality 12 Volt fluorescent lights in a variety of sizes and configurations. These make great kitchen and workspace lighting. They are a little pricey, at $30 – $40 a piece, but work well and last a long time. Avoid those really inexpensive fluorescent fixtures found in some automotive catalogs… they produce rather bluish light and tend to use up tubes at an alarming rate.

For more efficient use of power, consider adding halogen lamps where possible. These fixtures deliver excellent white light for reading or detail work and use about 1/2 the power of standard incandescent lamps. I’m particularly fond of the lamps that Sunnex offers. I have one near the bed for reading and one by my recliner. Sunnex has a web site and an online catalog. Stop by for a look. These fixtures are well-constructed and are flexible to allow them to be adjusted easily for best effect. Click HERE for a picture of a Sunnex lamp.” – Mark S. Nemeth