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How to Choose Office Lighting & Common Mistakes That Occur:

1) Pick The Right Style:

  • Should always be the first thing to consider.
  • To enhance balance, ensure that all the lights in the office have the same color temperature.
  • The best bulbs for office lighting are usually the fluorescent, 6500k bulbs as it resembles the regular daylight.
  • Besides getting the right bulbs, you can also blend your office light by placing a low-intensity bulb on your desk to improve on clarity.

2) Supplement Overhead Lights with Task Lighting:

  • For proper and convenient health considerations, always ensure that you switch to task lighting bulbs that have a low glare.
  • Considering the common computer ergonomics, it will be proper if you position your lighting source away from your computer screen.
  • The best type of lighting material to be used in such situations are always the Gooseneck lamps, this is because they have the ability to cast more or less light at a particular place.

3) Use Indirect Lighting:

  • Many office owners usually get eye complications and severe headaches arising from eye strains due to direct lighting.
  • Always ensure that you choose side lamps instead of overhead direct lighting when possible.
  • Do not just place all the lights at one position, instead distribute them evenly around the office, so that the light produced can reach every corner of the office.

4) Choose Neutral Colors For The Office:

  • Besides lighting your office with overhead lights and side lamps, choosing the appropriate color for your office walls and the floor is also vital.
  • Very bright or very dark colors may cause an exaggerated ambiguous appearance that may not be very appealing for an office.
  • Always use neutral colors for your paint. Neutral colors have a very low reflection capability and hence are compatible with any other form of modern office lighting.

5) Introduce Natural Light To Space:

  • Natural light is the most affordable source of office lighting.
  • It will help your body to produce vitamin D, which is very important for removing mood disorders and depressions that might cause low performance in the office.
  • When you wish to combine natural lighting with artificial lighting, always make a point of getting warm colored and low-wattage task lights, just to enhance the clarity of your workspace.
  • In such situations where natural lighting is not possible, it is advisable that you look for bulbs or lamps that mimic natural sunlight.

6) Choose The Right Size Of The Bulbs:

  • If your office is small then you will consider using small sized bulbs, and if your office is spacious, the relatively larger bulbs will serve you best.
  • Small offices will not need bulbs with a high lighting intensity, but larger offices will.
  • Proper lighting as seen above will eventually lead to a higher office performance.

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