It’s officially December!! Time has a way to ticking by and here we are again.

Facts You May Not Be Aware of Regarding December:

  1. December originally was the 10th month on the Roman calendar. Numa Pompilius adjusted the calendar once January and February were added, making December the twelfth month. This resulted in the calendar reflecting the length of a year on Earth more accurately.
  2. Most know that during December, the winter solstice tips the Northern hemisphere the furthest distance from the sun. But did you know through most of the month, Northern hemisphere inhabitants lose sunlight at ~2 minutes per day until the winter solstice?
  3. Those born in December claim three icy cool birthstones. 1) Tanzanite, found only in Tanzania, is a deep glacial purple. 2) Blue zircon (not to be confused with cubic zirconia) is the oldest mineral on Earth. 3) Finally, turquoise, with its distinct color and veins, comes in a variety of shades and is prevalent throughout the Southwestern United States.
  4. December is a big baking month for many, involving multiple cookies exchanges.
  5. Winter sports are in high gear throughout December. Hockey, football, and basketball are traditional winter spots, but don’t forget skiing and snowmobiling.
  6. The fragrant narcissus usually blooms in spring. However, for December birthdays, some white species bloom in winter. Among its several meanings, the narcissus also means hope. During winter, hope is a thing often looked for through the cold, ice, and snow.

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